Holiday Guilt...Is it a real thing?

So as summer holidays begin to wind up am I the only one left feeling more than a touch guilty?

Long summer days at the beach, sleep-ins, snacking whenever we feel like it, finishing that book you started last March you get my is the BEST time of year right? So WHY am I left feeling that old guilt trip that it wasn't quite like I had thought it would be.

Are my expectations way higher than the actual reality that is time away with a young family? The kids seem happy, relaxed and content, but as I face the last few days before schools back, I feel myself trying to cram in as many "experiences" as possible.
Luna Park - sure let's do it! Water Park - its forecast rain but let's try and fit it in and waste that extra $150 why not! This holiday guilt is costing me a lot of money I don't have and not necessarily making anyone any happier. I'm a good few years into this parenting gig, and still, I haven't figured out that all kids really need and want is your time and attention.

But then I think back to my pre-kids days and still remember feeling this same feeling but in a more self-absorbed kind of way. I promised myself I would jog on the beach every morning- but didn't, I really wanted to have drinks with a friend that lives 45mins away, but even in my two weeks annual leave didn't find the time to get there... so regardless of which stage of life you are in please tell me it's not just me that gets the holiday GUILT!





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