Why Hello there.....

Firstly, let me pose a question… have you ever had the craziest idea, I mean like a next level flip your life around crazy idea that at the time seemed like the most normal, natural progression? Like an obvious next step in your life too only I, 2, or 3 years later step back to think what the hell was I thinking????

Now I don’t mean going from Brunette to Blonde whilst granted that is life changing but I’m talking something you feel so passionately about you can’t sleep at night, you justify rash decsions because the universe MUST be calling you in this direction. 

When everything feels like a sign and you try and talk yourself into making what feels like the most risk free calculated choices when in fact they are so far out there. So far gone should they not turn out how your heart truely desires your life will take an eternity to recover.

Now even better when such decisions are decided upon whilst you eat pizza in a local café surrounded by screaming kids BUT no voice is still louder than the one in your own head saying just go for it!


In a nutshell…... Gray Label Store had arrived!

Boss Babes: Bianca & Belinda

From stable corporate jobs to the unknown world of enterpernership where jealousy is a curse but the coffee tastes sweeter.  Where we celebrate the wins hard and feel every inch of the loses but somehow we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whilst this all sounds amazing  ( and totally bat shit crazy) we really are just two girls with a dream. Two girls who weren’t prepared to quit until we could walk away proud of what we had achieved and mostly two girls who wanted to be the best damn role models for the little people in their lives.

I think we can safely say, we did it! 

And continue to show up every single day.

We are learning every day, making mammoth mistakes and having amazing acheivements that put all together balance out into the best damn decision we ever did make!


So we are coming to you, through this blog to provide you with no doubt some laughs, a little bit of cringe, a few face palms , tips and tricks on starting your own business should you also have seen “the signs” and have the drive to succeed and most importantly our favourite topic Fasshhunnn!!!!


So grab you wine, and join us on this crazy ride that is life!


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