When words aren't enough...

Words just don't seem like enough right now.⁠

In such uncertain times our hearts are full, our anxiety high and our minds are racing.⁠

The health and safety of our community and families are at the forefront of every move we make and whilst we may be "Business as Usual" we are also aware there are so many others in the same situation.⁠ ⁠

Small Business is hard.⁠

It is also rewarding. ⁠

It consumes your whole life in the best and worst way possible. ⁠

But we are not alone and whilst we are unsure how this situation will play out and if we will still be smiling at the end one thing we do know is that we will forever be grateful for each and every one of you. ⁠

For making us smile with the most beautiful DM's, for the new friendships we have made, for allowing us to get creative and do what we love, for supporting our young families and just being all round amazing women!⁠ ⁠

If you also have a business or are just needing some extra support ( or toilet paper like seriously WTF) get in touch!

We would love to share with everyone some amazing stories and businesses. ⁠




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